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As an event planner you’ve got checklists for your checklists. Organization is key to repeat business, and to keeping your stress levels reasonable. Throw out that entire checklist by partnering with an event staffing business like At Your Service. Party planning, wedding planning, corporate event planning, conventions, galas, charity event planning – whatever the event we can create a dynamic professional serving team customized to suit your client’s unique needs. The benefits of working with a staffing company instead of hiring your own crew are endless. Here are just some of the highlights:



As a team supervisor you not only have to craft and manage schedules for multiple employees and events, but also throw the party. Staff management includes ensuring Smart Serve certification for all staff, (and other per-event requirements are met by at least one person on the team), finding replacement staff when someone drops out last minute or increasing staff quantity when guest numbers suddenly go up. Possibly best of all, with a partnership you’ll never have to deal with meeting full-time and part-time shift requirements, or Human Resources complaints.


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At Your Service already has all of these matters keenly managed so that you don’t have to. We will take care of replacing any staff that come down with the flu the day of your client’s wedding, we handle part-time and full-time balancing acts, and HR is one of our specialities. Use the time you save on staff management to make your client’s dreams reality, and still have time for a lunch break, too.



Working a one-time-use staff service into your event budget is far less expensive than hiring and maintaining your own servers. You don’t have to pay salaries or training, no need to keep track of hours and cut multiple pay cheques. When you have your own staff you have to worry about paying them during slow times or risk losing your team to someone else. By hiring out serving staff payroll becomes a one-time expense that you can easily work into the client’s budget.



Saving time and money are logical reasons to strike up a partnership between your party planning business and an event staffing business. The best-kept secret about this agreement is your instant access to your event service dream team. Speaking strictly on our own behalf, the At Your Service team includes specialties that include the obvious like Smart Serve certification and access to Food Handler’s Certification, and attributes like the ability to speak multiple languages, a diverse range of cultural familiarities, fancy bar tricks, plating techniques, and more. How better to impress your clients than with a service team chosen just for them?

Are you interested in forming a partnership with At Your Service event staffing? Let’s talk! We serve the greater Southern Ontario area. Contact us through our website or call (226) 336-2881.

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