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By Guest Blogger Jelly Triangle Marketing Marvels


Do you still write down your guest list? How about your RSVP’s? Make planning your next party a snap with tech. There really is an app for that! From planning decorations and the menu to tracking RSVP’s and logistics, here are our favourite ways to party plan.



Pinterest ( is your best friend when it comes to planning decorations, menu items, even the floor plan. It’s like a scrapbook without the hassle of glue and scissors. If you’re a regular Pinterest user, you’ve probably already got several boards on the go, but start a brand new one just for this birthday party or retirement party, or even your wedding. On this board save only those decorations and culinary delights you intend to use so that you aren’t constantly going back through a pile of photos you don’t need. This also makes shopping a breeze.



Facebook and Evite are easy and free ways to track party attendance. Both can be made private, to allow or disallow guests to bring a date. On Facebook you can invite non-Facebook users by email address or text, and on Evite you can upload your guest list from an Excel spreadsheet, in addition to manually entered email addresses. Both programs will automatically update your RSVP list to effortlessly let you manage responses. Send updates and reminders about the party including location changes and whether guests should bring their own lawn chair. Use electronic party attendance programs to keep track of potluck dishes, to find out if there are any guest dietary restrictions, and to send a thank you out after the event. Want personalized thank you notes but don’t have time to write them yourself? Check out local gratitude guru Thank You Notes!



Your party needs tunes! We’re all for the return of vinyl, but unless you want to spend the event changing out records, turn on a playlist. You’ve got a ton of options for every device. Plug in a speaker to your computer, laptop, tablet, or even use Bluetooth wireless to connect your phone, and press play. Use old reliables iTunes or Windows Media Player to play your own music, or connect with Spotify for access to a bunch of new tunes – just be prepared to listen to an ad every so often, or pay for a month’s worth of premium service. You can choose your playlist to go through everything your own, to play only highly rated tracks, just one artist, and on some apps you can even choose a mood or theme. Go ahead and spend a few hours before the party customizing your own stellar playlist, we won’t tell! Just don’t forget to select “Repeat” before you go answer the door.



To take the stress out of your party planning, hire At Your Service to take excellent care of you and your guests. No matter your location, the size or theme of your event, you can count on At Your Service for set up, clean up, and everything in between so that you can enjoy your guests.


Are you planning your wedding, a massive party, or maybe you host regularly?


Jelly Triangle Marketing Marvels can build you a customized party-planning website. Have all the bells and whistles built in just the way you want them from planning to invitations and guest-tracking. Store your maps, directions, and guest lists in one spot for easy access. Call us at 519-624-8888 to start planning!


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