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We understand it’s your important day! Our mission is to make it a memorable one.

At Your Service staff are remembered for their professionalism. Along with having LOTS of experience, our Head Waiters and Supervisors have their Food Safety certificate, and all waiters/bartenders are Smart Serve certified, WSIB certified and fully insured.



  • Wait staff will set up the room from scratch, including table and seating arrangements, tableware and buffet/coffee/dessert stations, and basic décor.

  • Followed by crisp/clean table and reception service. We always aim to stick to your timeline, while maintaining exceptional service for your guests.

  • It’s been a full event and you say good bye to your last guest. You turn around and the wait staff are well into a full tear down and clean up of the space. The mindset is to make the space look like nothing happened.


  • Bar staff will do a complete set up of the bar, including alcohol and soft product, glassware, and basic décor. 500 guests all coming at once? No problem. Our bartenders will set up a pre-pour space and team up with the waiters to ensure everyone has a drink offered as they come through the doors. They’ll also provide their own bar kits, including a scoop, corkscrew, spouts and shakers.

  • Pleasant and responsible alcohol service.

  • An inventory and consumption record can be provided if you wish.

  • A responsible closing and tear down of the bar. Like the wait staff, they’ll leave a space like they weren’t even there. They can secure and leave the alcohol product where you like.


  • Along with working in a waiter or bartender capacity if required, the Head Waiter can communicate your expectations to the staff.

  • Provide back of house duties, as well as basic kitchen duties and food prep.

  • Keeping sign in and out times of all AYS staff, ensuring proper and accurate invoicing.

  • A direct liason to you, or our provided (and amazing) supervisor.


If you’re setting up the event but aren’t looking to run it, our highly experienced supervisors can fill your shoes. Duties include:

  • Contacting you prior to the event to confirm and finalize details.

  • Direct AYS staff through set up, event function execution as timed by your itinerary, and tear down.

  • Act as liason between all parties during event, including kitchen, venue, event planner and you.

  • Supplying reports to AYS of what happened during the event.

  • Follow up with you within 24 hours of the event finishing.

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